Peer with DStv

Our open peering policy aims to provide our users with a great viewing experience as well enable our ISP and telco partners to reduce their bandwidth costs.


Technical Detail

ASN 328045
as-set Multichoice-Support-Services-AS
aut-num AS328045
PeeringDB Record
Approximate Number of Advertised Routes 1


Admin Contact Information

Peering E-Mail Address
Abuse/AUP Violations


Peering Policy

1.Potential peering partners must enforce strict filtering policies to prevent route leaks.

2. A good faith effort should be made to facilitate communication regarding network maintenance that will affect traffic exchange. 

3. Both parties shall be responsive to Denial of Service attacks, as well as other network abuse complaints.

4. Neither party shall point default “route of last resort”, add a static route, or otherwise send traffic to the other party for a route not advertised via BGP.

5. Neither party shall modify, sell, or provide the next-hop to a third party.

6. DStv Digital Media reserves the right to modify, replace, or nullify this document at any time.

7. Any interconnection may be terminated for any reason, within 30 days notice. 

8. No shaping shall be applied to bi-directional traffic.

9. Both parties shall endeavor to ensure QoS on peering links and ensure sufficient capacity is available for delivery of content.

10. DStv Digital Media advertises its routes via route servers. Any peer can request direct peering sessions for redundancy purposes.